Obligations of the natural gas distribution network operator

The distribution operator has the following obligations:

  • to observe the quality indicators of the natural gas transport or distribution service;
  • to maintain and operate the natural gas networks owned and to replace them in case of degradation, unless they are damaged by end consumers or other persons, who must incur all the related expenses;
  • to notify end consumers, at least 3 calendar days before, about any scheduled interruptions and limitations of natural gas supply, stating the reason for such interruptions;
  • to resume as soon as possible the natural gas supply in case of unscheduled interruptions or other failures in the natural gas network;
  • to reconnect the end consumer's use installation to the natural gas network according to section 92 and resume the natural gas supply;
  • to submit, at the end consumer's request, information on the natural gas quality parameters at the consumption place;
  • to reply, within the term set by the Law on Petitions, to any written complaints submitted by end consumers;
  • to repair any damage caused to the end consumer;
  • to carry out timely the regular metrological check of the domestic consumer's measurement device for natural gas supply;
  • to notify end consumers and applicants on the ways to solve the problems addressed by them;
  • to install at the domestic consumer other measurement device instead of that subject to check or damaged not from the consumer's fault;
  • to allow access to its measurement equipment for the end consumer, when notified in advance.

Information presented by the Legal and Licensing Department