Rights and obligations of the natural gas consumer

The natural gas end consumer shall have the following rights:

  • to be supplied continuously and reliably with natural gas up to the blow-off valve (domestic consumers) or up to the boundary point (non-domestic consumers), at the quality parameters set in "Natural gas for industrial and household use", GOST 5542 and the construction rules NCMG.05.01-2006;
  • to request compensation for any damage caused by the supplier due to breach of the natural gas supply contract;
  • to have access to the device measuring the natural gas consumption, regardless of its location;
  • to ask the network operator to take appropriate measures in case of any disturbance in the natural gas network and inappropriate operation of the measurement device;
  • to request the supplier a reduction of payment for the natural gas not complying with the national standard "Natural gas for industrial and household use", GOST 5542 and the construction rules NCMG.05.01-2006;
  • to ask the supplier to amend, suspend, extend or terminate the natural gas supply contract;
  • to request the supplier or the network operator temporary cessation of natural gas supply;
  • to be present at the reading, inspection, metrological check and the technical finding of the measurement device;
  • to ask from the supplier information on the quality parameters of the natural gas supplied, the consumption history, the payments and the penalties calculated and paid;
  • to request the supplier's agreement to change the use installation.

The natural gas end consumer has the following obligations:

  • to pay fully the natural gas consumed, within the time mentioned in the invoice;
  • to keep his use installation in working condition;
  • to strictly observe the rules on the use of natural gas;
  • to notify immediately the network operator in case of any natural gas leakage in the use installation, as well as in the adjacent installations;
  • to refuse and not make any change or connection of other use appliances to the existing network without the prior approval of the supplier/the network operator;
  • to allow access for the personnel of the supplier/the network operator, under this Regulation, to the adjustment and measurement equipment, as well as for the inventory of the use appliances;
  • to allow access, upon presentation of appropriate badge, for the intervention team of the network operator, in order to make revision, repair, disconnection, cessation, suspension or connection works, and to remedy any disturbance or failure in the network operator's installations located on the end consumer's property, as well as to check the compliance with the contract clauses;
  • to remedy the damages in his use installation through specialized firms or persons authorized for such works;
  • to bear the expenses necessary for connection or changes of the connection or use installations requested by him;
  • to keep undamaged the measurement device and the seals applied;
  • to notify immediately the supplier/the network operator in case of any damage of the measurement device or any violation of the seals;
  • to be present when checking the natural gas measurement device;
  • to ask a new notice on connection when the flow in his use installation has increased, as well as when intends to use natural gas for other purposes than those mentioned in the natural gas supply contract.

Information presented by the Legal and Licensing Department