Obligations and rights of the natural gas supplier

The natural gas supplier has the following obligations:

a) to ensure continuous and reliable supply of natural gas, up to the blow-off valve (domestic consumers) or up to the boundary point (non-domestic consumers), at the quality parameters set in the national standard "Natural gas for industrial and household use", GOST 5542, and the construction rules NCMG.05.01-2006, approved by the Agency for Construction and Territorial Development by the Order no. 42 of September 06, 2006 (Normative for construction; Gas distribution systems, official edition, Chisinau, 2006);

b) to supply the natural gas in optimal and safe conditions, in compliance with the clauses of the natural gas supply contract;

c) to collect from end consumers, including through banks or its territorial offices, the payments for the natural gas supplied, within the period specified in this Regulation;

d) to repair any damage caused to the end consumer in case of non-compliance with the contract clauses;

e) to submit to the end consumer the monthly invoice issued under the indications of the measurement device, for payment of natural gas consumed at the tariff in force approved by the Agency, at least 10 calendar days before the deadline of payment mentioned in the invoice;

f) to submit to the end consumer the calculation of the natural gas volumes, if the end consumer has violated the contractual terms, which led to non-recording or incomplete recording of the natural gas consumed, and in case of a non-domestic consumer, to submit the calculation of the natural gas volumes included in the invoice, in addition to those based on indications of the measurement device;

g) to determine the natural gas consumption under the average daily consumption in the circumstances of section 150 of this Regulation;

h) to submit, at the end consumer's request, information on the natural gas consumption history at the end consumer's consumption place, the payments and the penalties calculated and paid by the end consumer on his consumption place;

i) to reply, within the limits set by the Law on Petitions no. 190-XIII of July 19, 1994 (Official Gazette of the Republic of Moldova, 2003, no. 6-8, art. 23), to any written complaints submitted by end consumers;

j) to return any debts accrued to the end consumer until the date of termination of the natural gas supply contract;

k) to return any additional amounts incurred by the end consumer due to invoicing errors;


The natural gas supplier has the following rights:

a) to have access to the measurement device, regardless of its location;

b) to check and find the observance of the natural gas supply contract by the end consumer;

c) to recalculate the natural gas consumption according to the flat fee system, in case of violation of the contractual terms by interference with the measurement device and/or illegal connection of the appliances or the use installation to the natural gas network, or consumption of natural gas by avoiding the measurement device;

d) to include the amount affected by invoicing errors, which are against the supplier, in the invoice for the next month;

e) to apply the end consumer penalties according to the natural gas supply contract and under the law;

f) to request the network operator to disconnect the use installation, to discontinue or restrict the natural gas supply in compliance with this Regulation and the natural gas supply contract;

g) to request preemptive payment in compliance with this Regulation;

h) in order to recover damages, to submit to the competent bodies documents on the violation of the Moldovan Code of Administrative Offenses no. 218-XVI of October 24, 2008 (Official Gazette of the Republic of Moldova, 2009, no. 3-6, art. 15);

i) if the supplier finds illegal increase of the summary flow or illegal connection of appliances without the consent of the supplier/the network operator, or the change of the invoicing indexes in the absence of a measurement device, the supplier shall recalculate the natural gas consumption taking into account the real invoicing indexes and the measurement device inaccuracy.

Information presented by the Legal and Licensing Department