Decision-making process

In the decision-making process ANRE applies the principle of public consultations for the draft normative acts, which can have a significant impact on energy market. This process takes place in accordance with the provisions of the Law Nr. 239-XVI of 13.11.2008 on transparency in the decision-making process, special laws in energy sector, Recommendations on procedures to ensure the transparency in the drafting and adopting of decisions, adopted by the Government Decision Nr. 96 of 16.02.2010 and Rules for ensuring transparency in the decision-making process of ANRE, adopted by the Decision of ANRE Board of Directors Nr. 374 of 10.05.2010.

At the initiation of the project drafting process, 15 working days prior to its revision, the authors of the document post on ANRE webpage the announcement about the initiation of the elaboration of the decision, an announcement being sent by email to stakeholders as well. The announcement contains arguments in favour of the respective decision, deadlines, the venue and modality, in which citizens, associations created in accordance with the law and other stakeholders can access the draft document and provide or send recommendations, and contact data of people responsible for receiving and examining recommendations.

Together with the announcement, the draft decision and other related materials are posted on the ANRE webpage. At the request of stakeholders, the draft document is sent to them via email. Up to 15 calendar days are given for presenting suggestions, yet, this period can be extended, as appropriate.

In case of necessity, during the elaboration of the draft, ANRE can organize working groups, seminars or request expert opinion in the respective sector, as appropriate.

Proposals and recommendations regarding the draft document, addressed to ANRE, are analysed by the department that elaborated the draft, which prepares the summary of the recommendations received. This shall also include the reasons why some of the recommendations were rejected. The results of the consultation, and the summary of the recommendations are made public by their posting on ANRE webpage.

Draft normative acts are examined and adopted during the public meetings of the ANRE Board of Directors, except the cases when information protected by law is examined or heard during these meetings. ANRE informs its stakeholders, on its webpage and via email, about the date, time, and venue of the public meeting, as well as its agenda.

Decisions, adopted by the ANRE Board of Directors, are posted on ANRE webpage and/or disseminated to the media, as appropriate.