Documents required to issue the license

Last updated:  10.07. 2014

The licenses for producing renewable fuel shall be issued to authorized producers of renewable fuel. Authorized producer of renewable fuel is any legal entity entitled to produce the renewable fuel and sell it to operators acting on the petroleum products market, as established by laws and regulations (art. 3 of the Law on renewable energy no. 160/2007).

I. To obtain the license, the legal entity shall submit to ANRE personally, by registered mail or by electronic mail (as electronic document with digital signature) a declaration in the form established by ANRE, signed by the the person filing such declaration. The declaration may be downloaded from the ANRE website at

National Energy Regulatory Agency                                                                              

Annex to the ANRE Managing Board Decision no. 336 of 06/12/2009        

Number of registration _______

Date of registration  _________





                                                      (name of applicant)


                                           (the applicant's legal form of organization)

Headquarters ______________________________________________________________________

IDNO of the company/organization ____________________________________________

phone ___________________ fax ___________________ e-mail ___________________________

request _________________________ of the license for activity


Activity type ____________________________________________________________

                               (state fully or partly the activity type for which the license holder


wants to obtain or extend the license. If there is a classification of works, the works shall be specified according to the list)




Addresses where the licensed activity is carried out _______________________________________



Simultaneously, I request the issue of ___________ certified copies of the license to carry out the activity at the address stated.


Documents annexed to the declaration:

License series ____ no. _______________ valid until ________________ (for extension)

1. ______________________________________________________________________

2. ______________________________________________________________________

3. ______________________________________________________________________

4. ______________________________________________________________________

5. ______________________________________________________________________

6. ______________________________________________________________________

7. ______________________________________________________________________

8. ______________________________________________________________________

9. ______________________________________________________________________

10. ______________________________________________________________________

11. ______________________________________________________________________

12. ______________________________________________________________________

I confirm on my own account the compliance of the licensing conditions with the type of activity for which I request __________________ of the license, and


the veracity of the documents attached to the declaration (contained in the file).


  ________________________________                           _______________________                        

          (name, surname of the applicant)                    STAMP                     (signature)


II. The license applicant shall attach to the declaration the following documents:

1. Copy of the decision to register the legal entity (art. 11 para. (3) of the Law on State Registration of Legal Entities and Individual Entrepreneurs no. 220 of 10/19/2007).

2.  Extract from the State Register of Legal Entities, issued within 10 days before submitting to ANRE the declaration on license issue/extension (art. 10 of the Law no. 451 of 7/30/2001).             

3.  The approach of the state control and technical supervision body on the rectitude of activity related to industrial safety (art. 8 para. (1) of the Law no. 116 of 5/18/2012).

4. Positive expertise opinion issued by the industrial safety expertise body (art. 8 para. (1) of the Law no. 116 of 5/18/2012).                                                                                                                                                             

5. The annual financial statement (with annexes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 to SNC-5) or the statement of account in case of business start (art. 16 para. (2) of the Law on natural gas no. 123/2009).

6. Documents confirming the possession of technical means (production facilities) (art. 16 para. (2) of the Law no. 123/2009).  

7. Documents confirming the existence of staff trained to carry out the activity for which the license is requested (art. 16 para. (2) of the Law no. 123/2009).  

8. Copy of the manager's university diploma in the field (art. 16 para. (3) of the Law no. 123/2009).    

9. Copy of the manager's labor record (new type and old type) (art. 16 para. (3) of the Law no. 123/2009).    

10. The manager's criminal record (art. 16 of the Law no. 123/2009).

11. Copy of the manager's identity document.


All these documents shall be submitted in copy, accompanied by their originals in order to confirm the veracity of every copy submitted. Data from documents and information submitted shall be checked by the one-stop shop procedure.

The declaration on license extension shall have attached only documents that have to be updated or contain data different from those submitted at the time of license issue.

 Information presented by the Legal and Licensing Department