External relations

1. International Relations

Over the time ANRE created cooperation relationships with international regulatory bodies in energy sector, the fact officially recognized by signing collaboration and partnership agreements.

Since March 2010, the Republic of Moldova became a full member of the Energy Community, its adherence leading to a gradual change of the legislation and improvement of the regulatory system in energy sector. Activity in the Energy Community is a permanent procedure on exchange of experience in energy sector with the representatives of different countries. Discussions on regulatory documents and detailed study of the energy markets peculiarities of each participating country create much more complex problems we face with, and identify new problems that may occur after a certain implementation phase of new regulations, based on the experience of the countries with a longer history in this sector.

ANRE management and employees are involved in regulatory activities of the Regulatory Council, and, respectively, in the activity of the working groups within the Energy Community. ANRE activity in this international forum is not just about taking the experience of other countries; on the contrary, the Republic of Moldova has become a role model in some areas. Our country is among the first ones in the region to have developed the Regulation on the quality of natural gas transmission and distribution services, ANRE representatives being invited to share their experience in development and implementation of this Regulation with regulators from other member countries of the community.

Another platform for exchange of experience represent the activities of the Energy Regulators Regional Association (ERRA), to which ANRE became a founding member in 2000. ERRA programs aim to contribute to the improvement of the regulatory process of the energy sector, recognition of some stable and independent regulators in the region, and improvement of the collaboration relationships between them. The Agency was actively involved in ERRA programs, which is proved by ANRE employees’ participation in ERRA technical working groups and by the fact that in June 2013, Victor Parlicov, ANRE Director General, was appointed as ERRA Chairman.

2. Agreements and international partnerships

2010 - 2013 - ANRE benefited from a partnership with the Missouri Public Service Commission/USA, under the auspices of the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners in the USA (NARUC) and funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development USAID. The partnership involves regular periodic activities with topics established and prepared in advance. Among these we can mention renewable energy, investments in the energy sector, liberalization of energy markets, consumer protection, etc. Within this partnership, ANRE had the Electronic Information System for Mail Registration (SEIIC) implemented, a system donated by the Missouri Public Service Commission/USA. With the help of SEIIC, ANRE has streamlined its internal activity regarding to its work with consumers, thereby reducing the time for examining the petitions and minimizing paper consumption.

June 2012 - ANRE signed a Cooperation Agreement on the exchange of information and experience with the Romanian National Energy Regulatory Authority. The main directions of cooperation stipulated herein, are to ensure a reciprocal exchange of data, information and documents related to the application of the European legislation on electricity and natural gas. The parties made a commitment to hold regular meetings in order to identify and select important issues that arise in regulated markets.

September 2012 – ANRE participated in the development cooperation project "Strengthening the protection of free market competition in the Republic of Moldova through education and good governance", financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Estonia, in cooperation with the Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Aid Funds. The project also involved other public authorities of the Republic of Moldova, such as ANRCETI and the Competition Authority. Estonia was represented by the Competition Authority, which is also the energy regulator. The project’s aim was to learn the Estonian experience on adjusting the legislation to EU standards, enforce the mechanisms to protect competition, combine regulatory instruments with the ones to protect competition in order to increase competition in the free market of the Republic of Moldova.

February 2013  – ANRE signed a Cooperation Agreement with the Estonian Competition Authority. The agreement involves exchange of experience and energy regulatory practices, study visits at different levels, following the agenda set in advance.

September 2013 – Under the auspices of the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners in the USA (NARUC) and the U.S. Agency for International Development USAID, a partnership between ANRE and the Maine Public Utilities Commission/USA was initiated. The project is expected to be implemented starting with 2014.  

In the near future, ANRE could benefit from a new technical assistance project from the Swedish International Development Agency and the World Bank. The project results from the need to adjust the legislation in energy sector to EU requirements; implement EU directives, achieve market liberalization, develop public relationship and consumer rights protection strategies.

3. National Cooperation Agreements

March 2010 – ANRE signed the Information exchange agreement with the National Bank of the Republic of Moldova.

January 2012  – ANRE and the Court of Accounts signed the Information exchange agreement.

March 2012  – ANRE signed an Agreement with the Customs Service regarding the access to the Customs Integrated Information System.