Green line 080010800

If you need consultation services regarding the issues you are facing related to the electricity or natural gas supplier, information on consumer rights and obligations of suppliers, you can make a free telephone call to 080010800, where ANRE specialists will offer you the necessary assistance.  

The number 080010800 can be dialled from any locality of the Republic of Moldova, from Monday to Tuesday, between 08.30 - 12.00 and 13.00 – 17.00.

Via the “Green Line” service, ANRE offers consultations regarding the quality of electricity and natural gas distribution and supply services, the procedure for dispute settlement between consumers and suppliers, troubleshooting lead time in distribution networks and other problems reported by consumers. ANRE specialists can address, when necessary, the respective operator to request information regarding to issues reported by appellants in order to solve them.

When the issues reported by appellants require investigation, ANRE shall provide an answer within 15 working days. This time can be extended up to 30 days when appellants request a large amount of information which requires time for processing or when the solution of the question raised by them requires further investigation.

Under the legislation in place, ANRE, within its competence, examines complaints from the electricity and natural gas consumers on their disagreements with suppliers. Consumers have the right to address ANRE or the court in case they do not receive in due time any answer to the petitions from the suppliers claimed, or if they are not satisfied with the steps taken in order to solve the issues mentioned in petitions.