Questions - answers (natural gas)

The network operator's representative must present his identity card and state the purpose of the visit when he requests access on the end consumer's property in order to control the measurement device and the seals applied. Only in such case is the end consumer obliged to ensure immediate and unconditional access to the measurement device and the related installations, and in case of refusal he may be disconnected according to p. 80 let. c) and p. 82 let. c) of the Regulation on natural gas supply and use. In the process of control, the consumer or his representative shall follow all the actions of the supplier's representative. If the supplier's representative requests the signing of a document, the consumer or his representative will sign it only after a good understanding of its content. When irregularities are assumed to be found, the consumer shall request the prove of such irregularities. The document on finding breach of contractual terms has a heading for explanations, where the consumer may write all objections regarding the preparation of that document.

The supplier is entitled to apply penalty against consumers for each day of delay in payment of the natural gas consumed, beginning with the first day after the payment deadline, the penalty amount being shown in a separate invoice. Penalty can be applied only when it is stipulated in the electricity supply contract between the parties.
The supplier is entitled to request preemptive payment for natural gas consumption from the end consumers whose use installations were reconnected to the natural gas network following their disconnection due to non-payment of invoices or documented deny of access to the measurement device for the personnel of the supplier/the network operator. The supplier is also entitled to request preemptive payment from the end consumers who concluded natural gas supply contracts under other right than ownership, as well as from the end consumers subject to insolvency proceedings, making then the recalculation based on real indications of the measurement device. The supplier will release the end consumer from preemptive payment if the latter has fulfilled the payment obligations during one year.
If the metrological check has found that the measurement device inaccuracy does not fall within the permissible limits, the contracting parties are entitled to initiate the recalculation of the natural gas volume supplied during the last 3 months, taking into account the arithmetic average inaccuracy established in the metrological check. Recalculation can be made only when the metrological check has been performed within the period set between two consecutive metrological checks.

If the supplier or the network operator finds illegal increase of the summary flow or illegal connection of appliances without its consent, which causes the exceeding of the meter measurement range or the change of the invoicing indexes in the absence of a measurement device, the supplier shall prove the end consumer that the change of the summary flow or the connection of some appliances has caused invoicing errors against the consumer, notifying him that the natural gas consumption will be recalculated taking into account the real invoicing indexes and the measurement device inaccuracy. Recalculations are made for a period no longer than one year.

Any connection or reconnection to the natural gas network is performed exclusively by the network operator, in the presence of the applicant.

When preparing the document on finding breach of contractual terms, the network operator must identify the cause of such document. Where it is assumed that the measurement device is damaged, interfered with or the seals applied on it have been breached, the operator is entitled, in the presence of the consumer, to remove such device in order to be sent for technical finding. In such cases, the operator must prepare the removal document in two copies (one for each party), which will state the meter number and indications, the number of seals and the reason for removal, pack, seal and hand over to the consumer the removed evidence in order to be sent to an institution authorized to perform the technical finding. The operator is not entitled to state the institution where the inspection should be done, as this will be chosen by the consumer. Currently, in Chisinau the following institutions are authorized to make technical findings on the integrity of meters and seals applied on them:

  • the Judicial Expertise Institute of the Ministry of Justice, located at 2 Maria Cibotaru Street;
  • the Expertise Center "Cexin", located at 10/1 Independentei Street;
  • SE "Registru", 28 Salcamilor Street;
  • the Technical Direction of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, located at 75 Stefan cel Mare Avenue. The expenses related to the technical finding are incurred by the initiating party.

Prior to the technical finding, the consumer is entitled to perform the metrological check of the measurement device in the same institutions, the expenses being incurred by the consumer.

The consumer is entitled to challenge the document on finding breach of contractual terms, by submitting prior request to the supplier (issuing body) within 30 days from the day when the existence of that document was notified. The prior request is examined by the issuer within 30 days. In case of disagreement with the issuer's reply or no reply received within the established term, the consumer is entitled to challenge the document at ANRE or in court, in the terms provided by art. 14 of the Law on Administrative no. 793-XIV of 2/10/2000. The consumer is also entitled to challenge, within the limitation period (3 years), the invoice on natural gas consumption issued by the supplier under the document on finding breach of contractual terms that led to non-recording or incomplete recording of the natural gas consumed.

Any natural or legal person whose use installation is connected to the natural gas network or who submitted request for connection to the natural gas network and fulfilled the requirements provided for in the connection notice shall be entitled to ask the supplier to conclude the natural gas supply contract. The supplier must conclude natural gas supply contract without discrimination, with any applicant in the authorized area who has fulfilled the requirements provided by the law and this Regulation. The supplier shall also conclude natural gas supply contract with any applicant who holds a real estate based on other right than ownership, being entitled to mention in the contract the requirement on preemptive payment of the monthly consumption of natural gas and to make subsequent recalculation according to the indication of the measurement device.

The domestic consumer's use installation can be disconnected from the natural gas distribution network in case of:

  • non-payment of natural gas consumed at the consumption place within 10 calendar days from the payment deadline of the invoice submitted to the domestic consumer;
  • submission of prescription by the Main State Inspectorate for Technical Supervision of Dangerous Industrial Objects;
  • breach of technical safety and rules on the use of natural gas by the domestic consumer.

The cease of natural gas supply is performed at the blow-off valve, the meter valve or the fire valve. If the natural gas supply is ceased, the supplier prepares the cessation document in 2 copies, stating the reason and the actions to be taken by the domestic consumer to remove the violations.