What are the obligations of the network operator when requesting access to the measurement device?

The network operator's representative must present his identity card and state the purpose of the visit when he requests access on the end consumer's property in order to control the measurement device and the seals applied. Only in such case is the end consumer obliged to ensure immediate and unconditional access to the measurement device and the related installations, and in case of refusal he may be disconnected according to p. 80 let. c) and p. 82 let. c) of the Regulation on natural gas supply and use. In the process of control, the consumer or his representative shall follow all the actions of the supplier's representative. If the supplier's representative requests the signing of a document, the consumer or his representative will sign it only after a good understanding of its content. When irregularities are assumed to be found, the consumer shall request the prove of such irregularities. The document on finding breach of contractual terms has a heading for explanations, where the consumer may write all objections regarding the preparation of that document.