If the supplier prepares the document on finding breach of contractual terms, what is the procedure to check the meter and the seals applied on it?

When preparing the document on finding breach of contractual terms, the network operator must identify the cause of such document. Where it is assumed that the measurement device is damaged, interfered with or the seals applied on it have been breached, the operator is entitled, in the presence of the consumer, to remove such device in order to be sent for technical finding. In such cases, the operator must prepare the removal document in two copies (one for each party), which will state the meter number and indications, the number of seals and the reason for removal, pack, seal and hand over to the consumer the removed evidence in order to be sent to an institution authorized to perform the technical finding. The operator is not entitled to state the institution where the inspection should be done, as this will be chosen by the consumer. Currently, in Chisinau the following institutions are authorized to make technical findings on the integrity of meters and seals applied on them:

  • the Judicial Expertise Institute of the Ministry of Justice, located at 2 Maria Cibotaru Street;
  • the Expertise Center "Cexin", located at 10/1 Independentei Street;
  • SE "Registru", 28 Salcamilor Street;
  • the Technical Direction of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, located at 75 Stefan cel Mare Avenue. The expenses related to the technical finding are incurred by the initiating party.

Prior to the technical finding, the consumer is entitled to perform the metrological check of the measurement device in the same institutions, the expenses being incurred by the consumer.